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MeezaTS Technical solutions Co is an Egyptian shareholders Company with Capital investment 5000,000EGP established in year 2010 according to Egyptian investment law.
MeezaTS Co has a service partnership with KKT chillers which is acooling solutions company in Germany with a long experience of cooling chillers for medical and food industries

MeezaTS Co is working in design selling and implementation of integrating security systems (Security camerasCCTV with Alarm systems including anti-theft ).

MeezaTS has a well trained professional engineers and technicians able to handle all company activities according to the engineering standards

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About Us

MeezaTS Technical solutions Co is an Egyptian shareholders Company with Capital investment 1000,000EGP established in year 2010 according to

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Our Mission

To be on the front line of the professional companies in the Egyptian market for the most advanced integrated Security solutions at …

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Our Vision

Introducing the top quality of systems, services with an extremely competitive price in Egyptian market. Quality assurance is…..

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